Proposal for Sony Life Space UX

We presented a proposal for a new product idea to Sony Life Space UX in cooperation with Kensuke Fujishiro. We started by rethinking the process itself, and alongside investigating concrete product ideas, we cherished the time we had for members of the team to share their views on the world with one another. In creating this product idea together, we established as our foundation the question “In today’s society, with individualization picking up speed and schizophrenia ever more prevalent, how can we share our time and space with family and friends?” In order to restore the connection between the part that is the individual, and the whole that includes family and friends, we considered a basic binary of internal (mind and body in harmony) and external (a pleasant environment) elements to be necessary. We developed this into a product idea that recreates a peaceful walk in the forest in one’s daily living space.

Gradually, a connection forms between one point and another. (Image source: Andrew Pontzen and Fabio Governato)

Gradually, a connection forms between one point and another. (Image source: Andrew Pontzen and Fabio Governato)

[Internal] Mind and body in harmony
In order for the part (individual) to reach a state where it can independently create a rich relationship with the whole (family, community, nature), it must first put its inside in order.

[External] A pleasant environment
When the individual that has reached this state actually shares its time and space with family and friends in a pleasant environment, its relationships are richer and more enduring.

The relationship between the part and the whole becomes rich,
- The individual has access to multiple communities
- Dependencies are distributed
- Diverse cultures and values exist in union

A Yu-ichi Inoue Retrospective 1955–1985

Yu-ichi Inoue is known as a pioneer of contemporary calligraphy. We designed the official catalog of “A Centennial Exhibition: INOUE Yu-ichi”, which was held at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa. The exhibition was a large scale retrospective that marked the centennial of his birth. It spanned the history of the artists’ career, from 1955 to 1985, and was viewed in a publication that compiles important works from his early to late periods. Included are analyses on his work by leading authorities, introducing the entire scope of his art. We chose to adopt a deep black paper on the cover as a metaphor of the ink which is symbolic of his artwork.

Author and Editor: Yuji Akimoto
Editor: Kei Takahashi, Sayaka Hayashi
Editorial Adviser: Masatoshi Ito
Design: Goshi Uhira, Shuhei Nagao
Printing and Bounding: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.
Printing Director: Takeshi Kobayashi
Hardcover | 396 pages
English, Japanese

Bilder der Photographie

I designed the book “Bilder der Photographie: Ein Album photographischer Metaphern” (Getsuyosha) written by Bernd Stiegler. A jet-black paper have been adopted for the cover, and the letters of the title have emerged as the lights from the shadow.

Author: Bernd Stiegler
Translator: Yoshikazu Takemine, Daisuke Yanagibashi
Printing and Bounding: Shinano Publishing Press
Publisher: Getsuyosha
Design: Goshi Uhira
Hardcover | 288 pages
Language: Japanese

Daikanyama Book Design Exhibition

The “Daikanyama Book Design Exhibition” is annually held at the Daikanyama T-site, that showcases around 30 particularly well-designed books released each year. These titles are selected by the Tsutaya bookstores’ concierge based on the print, layout, binding, and structure of the book. We took photographs of each book, and designed the official catalog to highlight the best parts of each.

Editor: Yohei Sanjo, Fumiaki Banba
Exhibition Design: Kei Murayama, Naoto Endo
Art Direction and Design: Goshi Uhira, Clara Huber
Photography: Harumi Shimizu
Writer: Masayuki Sawada
Publisher: Daikanyama T-site


ART CRITIQUE is an independent magazine of experimental texts and images, designed to inspire new creations. The magazine aims to instigate societal progress by providing an inspirational platform that rethinks modern society in a dynamic way. I designed this issue of the magazine. The title of this issue is ‘Prostitution of a Medium’, and the table of contents and artworks are shown on the cover directly, instead of being placed inside the magazine.

Editing: Hiroshi Sakurai
Design: Goshi Uhira
Printing and Binding: Sun-M Color Co., Ltd.
Publisher: constellation books
Softcover | 232 pages
Language: Japanese


Jean-Paul Knott is a successful Belgian fashion designer. After working for Yves Saint Laurent, he started his own line JEANPAULKNOTT in 1999. He has been designing garments in his own playful and simplistic style, not only for European, but also for American and Asian markets. I designed a range of printed promotion materials with minimal typography in order to let his elegant and simplistic designs speak for themselves.